I Know

I Know

I know that deep in me,
Dwells no single good thing,
And that I am not free,
From cruel master sin.

I know that God’s good law,
Demands perfection plus,
That as far as I know,
I’ve broken all, alas.

I know that He can see,
My wicked, wicked heart,
That I cannot deceive,
Him who in heaven art.

I know that God is just,
And can’t pass over sin,
Of sinners I’m the worst,
O, I must come to ruin!

But I know it is written,
That God so loved the world,
That He gave His begotten,
His one beloved Son.

I know if I believe,
In Him who for me died,
I’ll everlasting live,
And perish not as I’d


Allan Tulienge

Allan Tulienge is the lastborn in a family of five members, currently a final year pharmacy student at JKUAT. He is an avid reader of reformed writings of the past and enjoys reading and writing God-glorifying poetry in his free time.