Christ Died For us Vicarious

Christ Died For us Vicarious

Christ died for us vicarious,
O’er sin our foe victorious,
He came from heav’n to bless us,
From our sins yea to turn us.

Satan our eyes did blind,
In his dark dreary bind,
On our own Christ, couldn’t find,
Until He sought us kind.

The wage of sin not mild,
Eternal woe dear child,
'Twill drive the stoutest wild,
Who at sin’s lure smiled.

But this must not be so,
The Saviour calls you lo,
To be from now His own.
In His own name has sworn.

Come to Him now my friend,
And follow not the trend,
That right to man may seem,
Whose end is death most grim.


Allan Tulienge

Allan Tulienge is the lastborn in a family of five members, currently a final year pharmacy student at JKUAT. He is an avid reader of reformed writings of the past and enjoys reading and writing God-glorifying poetry in his free time.