Church Based Theological Studies

Current Topic: The Doctrine of God

For 13 Weeks Starting 14th March


There has always been a gap between Seminary and the Church. As HCBC, we desire to bridge this gap by offering solid Theological Studies to every believer in Christ, both in our local church and those from elsewhere.

As a local church, we remain committed to Biblical fidelity, theological precision and a gospel-centered approach to ministry. We are committed to equip the church of Christ with theological tools that will ground her firmly in the wake of doctrinal aberrations.

Providentially, we have some of the finest, high caliber members of faculty who graduated from renowned seminaries around the world and locally, with an aim to equip and produce, by God's grace, believers who are unashamedly committed to the Authority of God's Word and the urgency of the Great Commission.

The courses offered are free of charge, for God's glory alone. In light of this, students are expected to be committed and disciplined. Each course unit goes for thirteen (13) weeks, every Sunday morning from 8:30- 10:15 a.m.


  1. Hermeneutics
  2. Systematic Theology: Scripture, Theology Proper, Anthropology
  3. Systematic Theology: Christology, Soteriology, Biblical Covenants
  4. Systematic Theology: Ecclesiology & Eschatology
  5. Introduction to Historical Theology
  6. Evangelism, African Cults & Apologetics
  7. Introduction to Biblical Theology