After Darkness, Light

After Darkness, Light


T'was dark the ages gone before,
In all the then known world,
For few could say of God's word more,
Than what the rogue Pope had.

The glorious gospel of our Lord,
Lay in the darkness hid,
From common men the world around,
By wolves in sheep's clothing.

The LORD in loving providence,
Raised able godly men,
Though weak and helpless in themselves,
He gave the strength of ten.

Forth broke a discontented monk,
And nailed upon the door,
Of Castle Church in Wittenburg,
Nine-five points for discourse.

His theses sparked a fire throughout,
The bounds of Rome's thralldom,
Despite their try to put it out,
It simply raged the more.

Soon men in Deutschland had the Word,
In their own native tongue,
And not long after Tyndale had,
The same for England done.

In Switzerland Jehovah raised,
John Calvin the Frenchman,
Who's pen was mightier than the sword,
In the Pope's blood-stained hands.

The Land of Scots soon caught the blaze,
The vanguard led by Knox,
Brought down Rome's hold on them in flames,
And built on Christ the Rock.

The fruits of that great move of God,
We reap with joy to date,
Be thou by this account implored,
These truths to contemplate.


Allan Tulienge

Allan Tulienge is the lastborn in a family of five members, currently a final year pharmacy student at JKUAT. He is an avid reader of reformed writings of the past and enjoys reading and writing God-glorifying poetry in his free time.